Friday, March 30, 2012

Game #5 - In A Book of Paintings

Please use a book for this game,
though it may require of trip to a library or bookstore.

Just as the reproduction of a painting in a book
is no substitute for the painting itself,
the image of a painting on the screen
of a computer monitor is substitute
for neither the image in the art book nor the painting itself.

Because I am concerned with books as entities
(and because the painting may be a metaphor for the poem),
for the purposes of this game, a book should be used,
and not a visit to an art museum or art gallery.

In a book of paintings, find a painting that you like
but with which you were previously unfamiliar.
Use the title of that painting for the title of your poem.
Write an 8 line poem, with 8-syllables per line.
Your poem may or may not reference the painting