Sunday, February 26, 2012

Game #4 - Imaginary Travels to Secret States

Without mentioning the state by name, and without using any details that would identify the state to the average reader, write a poem about an imaginary trip to a U.S. state that you have never visited. 

If you choose Texas for example, you may not specifically mention the Alamo in your poem.  However, you could mention Roman Catholic mission/fortress compounds of the 19th century (not specifically the Alamo), the Gulf of Mexico (not limited to Texas) or your Aunt Mary (presumably unknown to the average reader) from Houston (though you may not mention Houston itself).

1 comment:

  1. "the mainland"

    a land of great wildness
    and of great beasts
    seemingly uninhabitable
    yet colonized by a succession
    of super powers, wishing only
    to reap the rewards of its
    natural resources

    supposed ancient walkway-
    a springtime isthmus
    between Ice Ages
    now cut off, leading to
    the peopleing of a
    virginal "New World"

    being an exclave to political
    contigousness promotes
    independence and a
    pull yourself up
    by your bootstraps

    "great country" of a state
    it is "the object
    towards which the action
    of the sea is directed"