Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game #3 - Where Songs Occur

In as random a fashion as you like, find a song and listen to it.  You can select a song from the last 10 songs in your itunes play history, or if you listen to records you could go to your crates and pull something out that you haven't listened to in a long time.  If you are driving, turn on the radio and find a station playing a style of music that you usually don't listen to.  Then turn off the road to write your poem.

Keep these writing instructions in mind when listening.  

1.  When the song ends, write a  poem of between six and ten lines.

2.  Use a phrase or sentence from the song somewhere in your poem.  If the song has no lyrics use your imagination. 

3.  In a short phrase or sentence, summarize what you would consider to be a central theme/idea of the song.  This will be the title of your poem.

4.  Where were you when you listened to the song?  Include this physical (or non-physical) space somewhere in your poem.

5.  What physical (or non-physical) space did the song evoke for you?  Include this space somewhere in your poem.

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