Saturday, February 18, 2012

Game #2 - Tampopo

Write a set of poems
that could act as recipe(s)
for an actual

dinner.  Poems must be
in haiku format.  Dinner
must be edible.

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  1. Sorry it took so long, this was harder than I thought. Here goes my series of Haiku about Carbonara:
    first; ingredients
    Italian pok sausage
    prosciutto or ham

    hot, cooked spaghetti
    freshly grated parmesan
    freshly minced parsley

    next we set the mood
    vintage old country verses
    or Rat Pack refrains

    only light enough-
    candlelight works quite nicely
    to cook and read by

    by all means do not
    save the wine for dinnertime
    imbibe while cooking

    I forgot the eggs
    two or three well beaten eggs
    crucial to the dish

    let us get started
    coarsely crumble the sausage
    and half the ham, chopped

    add this meat mixture
    to buttered, wide frying pan
    cook on medium

    cook for ten minutes
    stirring combo constantly
    'til ham is frazzled

    now blend uncooked ham
    with the cooked sausage mixture
    take a drink of wine

    add hot spaghetti
    to meats, add butter, parsley
    mix quickly to blend

    pour in beaten eggs
    lift and mix the spaghetti
    coating well with egg